Xiaomi Yi 4K Review: Presenting the Latest Action Camera!

Xiaomi Yi 4K


Camera Quality


image stabilization



  • Great image quality
  • Long battery life


  • No waterproof case

Disassembling the latest action camera in Yi 4K, exclusively for you!

In this technology review from JustInReviews, the focus would be on the Yi Action Camera 4k, as we go on to dissect the electronic gadget for you.

  • From the looks of it:

It makes use of a fundamental rectangular design, and actually, there’s a solitary button on the Xiaomi YI 4K Action Camera. You can see it towards the top and is utilized to turn on the camera, to record video or to click a picture.

This YI 4K device appears tidy and compact, and is sufficiently sized to fit properly in your hand. Since the lens projects only a little from the front side, it would not probably fit in a tight trouser, but rather looser ones, e.g. coat pockets, ought to be okay.

  • Screen:

At the back end of the YI 4K Action Camera, happens to be a 2.19-inch screen, which happens to be a toughened Gorilla Glass, intended to be scratch resistant from every day impact. It is a retina based display and is visible from an angle of 160 degrees. It’s likewise touch-sensitive, and it’s by means of the screen that you’ll facilitate any changes to settings that you have to.

  • Features:

The action camera 4k fixed lens provides a wide field of view and a quick f/2.8 aperture, and you can likewise click photographs during video recording (however just through the application), signal 4K time-lapses plus slow motion sequences, and loop record for a predefined time. Manual settings options could turn out to be tiring, however it’s by and large less demanding to disregard the greater part of those and simply run with the default settings.

Towards the base of the screen, one can see the things which you can touch. There happens to be a playback icon, which enables you to see any pictures or video recorded prior. A settings symbol (appears like a cog), which allows user to change the settings of the specific mode you’re working in. Towards the center of the base is the photo mode. Tap on it, and you can pick between the distinctive options present.

Feature Highlights:

– A 2.19 inch touchscreen

– 4K video recording at 30fps

– 12 MP still images

  • Battery and card slot:

Towards the bottom, is the lid for getting to the battery compartment – it hosts a 4.4V lithium-ion 1400mAh power battery, which compares fairly to the 1220mAh inside gadgets like GoPro Hero5.

The camera accepts MicroSD cards. The battery door appears to be marginally shaky, and there is a chance that you thump it open even when you don’t need it to. Fortunately the battery and memory card are held well, so there’s not so much a worry that anything will drop out.

  • Performance:

The 4K 30fps recording appears colourful and sharp, however, panning is known to produce some shaking, additionally uncovering distortion towards the corners and highest points of images caused by Xiaomi Yi 4K’s fisheye lens.

While one wouldn’t expect the sensor in the YI 4K Action Camera to provide sharper night sky pictures, it’s reported not to be particularly good under low light conditions, notwithstanding claiming automatic low light recognition alongside frame rate alteration for conditions like these.

For action based recording, there are better options; withdrawing to the step-down 2.5K resolution isn’t that good, since what you are offered is the same 30fps inside a limited 4:3 aspect ratio, something that likewise hampers the 1440 choice. A decent trade off is the 1080 setting, which offers Full HD recording at 120fps; it’s found to be smoother and significantly more agreeable to watch, and will be sufficiently sharp for general purposes.

Those were some offerings on the performance front.

  • Pricing:

This Yi Action Camera 4K is placed at a price of around Rs 17,000 for the Indian markets.

  • Factors in favor:

– Light weight at 94g

– Reported smooth 1080p at 120fps

– Pocket sized

– Bigger screen than the GoPro

  • Factors going against:

– Raw format stills cannot be shot

– Scope for better image stabilization

– No GPS

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