Aapla Manus Movie Review: Nana’s Yet Another Masterstroke?

Here is an in-depth review of Nana Patekar’s latest movie Aapla Manus.

With “Aapla Manus”, Nana returns to the big screen after a power packed performance in Natasamrat. In this Bollywood update, in fact update form the Marathi world of cinema, JustInReviews brings to you the review of this film.

  • Plot:

An old man seems to have tumbled off the balcony of his flat that appears like a mishap. Be that as it may, Inspector Maruti Nagargoje, an officer from crime branch, has diverse speculations about this incident and he tests the possibilities on the old man’s son and his daughter-in-law.

Satish Rajwade, the famed director begins AAPLA MANUS as a crime thriller, keeping the viewers engrossed in the baffling cocktail of the renditions that prompt to Aba’s so called suicide and guarantees that the crowd keeps on guessing. The writer director struck the right chord in depicting authentic surroundings of an urban family where a couple work and an older member is all alone at home. Aba’s grandson stays in the boarding school, so the void and emptiness is excess in this case. While we experience diverse versions, film writer Vivek Bele utilizes intermittent guileful humour at the start when the daughter in law – Iravati Harshe isn’t reachable and Aba calls everybody accessible on phone to know her where abouts.

Right from the word ‘Go’, Aapla Manus engulfs you with its speed and suspense. Adapted from the theater play ‘Katkon Trikon’, written by Vivek Bele, the film can be called more of a drama based thriller than only an edge-of-the-seat experience.

Director Satish Rajwade’s treatment of the spine thriller is quite effective. The stage experience appears in numerous scenes yet Bele’s story keeps the anticipation component in place. The thing that there are no songs in the film boosts its flow to a great degree. One would’ve favored getting rid of the interval also.

One may feel that issues with AAPLA MANUS start to emerge from the second half, it gets itself into redundancy, superfluously dragging and favoring one side. The who did it/why did it puzzle winds up as a remembrance to Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini starer BAGHBAN in a way which really has taken its scoop of motivations from Mohan Joshi starrer TU TITHE MEE. In any case, getting inspired as well as talking on the disregard of senior citizens isn’t the issue over here.

  • Performances:

Post Natasamrat, the powerhouse Nana Patekar conveys another superb act that guarantees to remain with you for long after you have come out of the theater. In a double role as both Aba and Sr. Crime Branch Inspector Maruti Nagargoje, Nana Patekar is pitch immaculate, impeccable and a treat to see him act in his second film as a producer.

Both Sumeet and Irawati, then again, depict a range of emotions, from powerlessness to turmoil, with their fine acting skills. Their contribution, however, is eclipsed by Nana who cruises through the execution conveying sarcastic and witty dialogues and furthermore summons a noteworthy part of the total running time.

Satish Rajwade surprisingly and quite convincingly sets up the simile amongst Aba and Sr Inspector Maruti Nagargoje which can be called the motion pictures’ trump card.

Technicalities are up to the mark as Suhas Gujarathi camera steers its way according to the set mood.

And guess what? A surprise in store for you right towards the end…!

All in all, AAPLA MANUS has its portion of glitches in the latter half yet the impeccable performance of the great Nana Patekar bound with a captivating adage on the complexities of a present day relationship that comes up with an emotional urge is a true to life encounter for the individuals who cherish Nana Patekar on the screen and their family in real-time.

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