Lakme Perfect Radiance Reviews: The Best Beauty Product From Lakme?

Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream






Removes Dullness



  • Aroma
  • Matte Finish


  • Cost
  • Thick

JustInReviews gives you a look into the Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream from Lakme.

Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream, from the cosmetic products series of Lakme claims,

Intended to give you genuinely fair and vibrant skin tone. The Perfect Radiance Day Cream constituting White Lily and Sacred Lotus works up on every one of the six indications of skin darkening.

Cream texture:

The cream happens to be in a whipped form and very lite and with a smooth finish. No wonder if one loves its colour. It is a white hued cream with a tint of peach to it. It has a sweet scented aroma to it.

As mentioned above, the skin darkening factors this beauty product from Lakme is said to act on are as follows:

  • Lightens the skin tone

  • Reduction in oiliness of your skin

  • Tanning control

  • Spot fading

  • Balancing the skin tone

  • Removes the dullness from the skin

So, now you know what to expect from this Lakme product.



The cream is available in a round and purple coloured tub accompanied by a silver lid. The tub is quite light on the weight front and before opening the tub, one would ponder about the amount which is present in it. In any case, it is completely cream filled. This gives the insight regarding its light weight.


The container consists of 50gm of the item and is evaluated at Rs.175/ – . On the other hand, it is likewise present in a little tub which weighs around 15gm in quantity for a price of Rs.99/ – .

Product Details:

The cream is available in two packings based on weight. It is alright for all skin sorts, and suits both men and women. It has titanium dioxide that acts as a sunscreen. It is claimed to give an instant brightening and whitening impact. It is also said to be safe for a day to day use.

Precautions During Usage:

Meant for external use only, if you see a rash or experience irritation, stop its use and counsel with your doctor. Abstain from direct contact with eyes or on aggravated areas. Wash your eyes with lots of clean water in the event of an eye contact.

What Works In Favour?

  • The cream works as a moisturizer as well

  • Does not give a greasy feeling and has got a matte finish

  • The aroma is not dark but pleasant

  • Known not to give any skin breakouts

What Goes Against?

  • The matte finish it gives your skin, is said to last for 2 hours only

  • On the costlier side

  • It is said to be quite thick, hence could be tedious to apply

So, is it the best cosmetic products from Lakme? Well, JustInReviews would recommend, you use it and decide for yourself.

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