Lipstick Under My Burkha: Does It Live Up To The Expectations?

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After a whole lot of controversies surrounding this film, it finally saw light of day last week as it released in the theaters. Under the Bollywood News segment, JustInReviews is bringing you the review of the film.

Plot of the film:

Four ordinary ladies, faced by illogical societal standards, need to steal, cheat, lie and cover up so as to lead the lives that they legitimately deserve.

Review of the film:

What is so shocking (or “lady-oriented”) regarding the lives of these ladies, is indistinct. Actually, Shrivastava’s most intrepid act is basically opening the entryways and demonstrating to us what goes inside them. Behind the shut doors of a moderate Muslim young lady’s room, where she grooves sans music to let out the anger; inside the shut doors of a couple’s room, where the lady should be a dormant casualty to her better half’s libido; inside the girl’s beauty salon, where intimate counsel is doled out as easily as the underarm hair is waxed off and behind the shut entryways of a old lady’s washroom where she runs a tap to stifle the groans of her desires.

While cinematographer Akshay Singh makes use of tight close-ups in small spaces to make you claustrophobic, Gazal Dhaliwal’s lines go from humorous insinuations in dingy books to abnormal upheavals of baffled ladies.


The ladies essaying these lives on screen give Lipstickā€¦ its genuine color. Aahana and Plabita are immediately relatable and illuminate the screen. Konkona’s defenselessness makes you consider each

lady who is a peasant in her own particular home. Also, Ratna’s infatuated Usha, a lady in the throes of enthusiasm, will make you take a gander at more older ladies in another light.

In the climax scenes of Lipstick Under My Burkha, as the four leads confront the dangerous outcomes of their apparent uprisings, we are able to hear crackers barging out in the background. Director Alankrita Shrivastava utilizes the background of Diwali to reveal to us that the lives of these ladies might be going up on fire, however they’ll exit with a bang.

This is what the film has to offer you.

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